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by Hainbach


    Limited edition of 58 microcassette tapes. Each tape is an MC60 (30 minutes per side) recorded at a speed of 2.4 cm/s. Please note, these tapes can only be played on dictaphones and various answer machines.

    Sold Out


Old Suns by Hainbach is the third in a series of limited edition microcassettes released on the Lavender Sweep label in 2019. It was made from sounds sent in by listeners of Hainbach's music and recorded over the course of two summer weeks in Greece.

Each tape will come with a stereo digital version of the album, but for those who would just like to purchase a digital version, please visit Hainbach's bandcamp:



released August 19, 2019

Music composed and recorded by Hainbach, based on sounds sent in via the Discord, Patreon and Reddit. Thank you for the inspiration!
Cover art: Nani Gutierrez www.nanigut.com

Sample credits per track:
01 Analog Weapon (synthloop), Felix Moser (thunderstorm)
02 Preamp (delay), foot (language master), Chris Petra (shortwave)
03 Pedro Figueiredo (cheap feedback), Monostich (nicepianothing)
04 Windphone (The Wind), OPTML (Some Piano Chords), backspin (Monologue)
05 Windphone (the wind piano), 1ajs (Pepe hum and boiler chatter)
06 Madtone (Koomans Array)
07 T3hh (loim), Rusty Sherriff (unknown box and bitquest), Chris Petra (belltape)
08 CobaltPencil (FMmotive)
09 Pedro Figueiredo (with birds), Espacht (Aovertone_Trombone), Dominic Daly (wavechanger)
10 ZachCharvolin (dustied keys), The Noises (epiano), Jimmie Peggie (extreme water)
11 Monostick (piano)
12 Modern Gods: Caalmus (Bamboo Flute), circleofwillis, Dimitri S_G_ (noise)

Sorry to everyone whose sounds I did not use, the album was done at some point and I was out of time.


Here's a video documenting the creation of 'Old Suns'...



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